Adam Minter

Adam Minter is the Shanghai correspondent for the Bloomberg World View blog. He is writing a book about the globalization of the scrap recycling industry for Bloomsbury Press.

Ai Weiwei

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China Rules the World at Expo 2010

From the diminutive Hong Kong exhibit to the "Axis of Evil" cluster, a photo tour of the most interesting -- and symbolic -- pavilions.

Obama-mania Sweeps China

The Chinese are preparing to greet Obama like a rock star, even as they outspokenly critique his policies.

Eclipse at Sheshan Hill

Our correspondent reports from a hilltop observatory in Shanghai, where locals flocked to witness the eclipse of the century.

The Pavilion Wars

The upcoming World's Fair should offer the chance to build a showpiece U.S. pavilion. But thanks to behind-the-scenes maneuverings and State Department incompetence, we may end up with a Chinese-funded pavilion—or no pavilion at all


Every morning for the last week and half,  Norm Coleman has strode into the Minnesota Supreme…

Minnesota Re-Re-Recount

A new twist in the Norm Coleman-Al Franken Senate race recount trial throws Franken's victory into question, and promises to extend the already seemingly endless court battle indefinitely


For the last decade or so, scrap metal has been the largest volume export from the United States to China. But with the economy in a tailspin, unclaimed scrap metal is starting to pile up at China's ports

All Bets Are Off

A population of gambling enthusiasts plays bemused host to a series of equestrian events unrelated to racing or betting

The Olympics' Second City

Our correspondent attends the first Olympic soccer game at Shanghai stadium and explains why Shanghai is only grudgingly playing co-host for this year's Olympics

Keeping Faith

Jin Luxian’s 50-year struggle to keep Catholicism alive in China, balance Rome and Beijing, and build a Church for “100 million Catholics”