Allen Barra

Allen Barra writes about sports for the Wall Street Journal and His next book is Mickey and Willie--The Parallel Lives of Baseball's Golden Age.

When the Tall Tale Grew Bigger

50 years ago, Thomas Berger's novel Little Big Man was unfairly dismissed as lowbrow. But as its stature grew, it boosted critical acceptance for other westerns, too.

Norman Mailer, Sportswriter

A recent biography of the literary legend's life largely ignores a fascinating part of Mailer's life and career: his deep love for sports like baseball, bullfighting, and boxing.

Why Bonnie and Clyde Won't Die

The duo lives on in film after film because the ordinary couple's desire for fame, not riches, resonates through the decades.

Sorry, NFL: Baseball Is Still America's Pastime

Sure, TV ratings suggest otherwise. But that metric ignores other strong indicators—like local fan-base fervor and enduring cultural relevance—that baseball still matters.

The Case for Believing in Tony Romo

Despite his "choker" reputation, the Cowboys captain is actually the best fourth-quarter QB in the NFL. He just needs to start performing in the first three quarters, too.