Bob Cohn

Bob Cohn is the president and chief operating officer of The Atlantic. He was previously the editor of Atlantic Digital, the executive editor of Wired and The Industry Standard, and a writer at Newsweek.

Revisiting 'Dark Social'

How do people get to For 25 percent of our readers, we have no idea.

Don't Call It a Redesign

Engagement, impact, aesthetics -- for's new home page, there's method to the makeover.

Hiring in the Digital Age

Even for twentysomethings, the job description is clear: Everyone is an editor in chief.

The Partnership Puzzle

Is it really a good idea for publishers to give away their content for free?

Learn to Love Speed Cameras

Critics say traffic cameras evoke Big Brother. They worry that a system that can take a photo of your license plate as you drive through town can also track your general movements. They say cities with cameras are more interested in raising revenue than improving public safety. I say bring on the surveillance., Reloaded

Notice anything different? Our new site is a lot like the old one—but (we hope you agree) so much better.

Editor's Note

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'Radar' O'Reilly

Tim O'Reilly has 833,025 followers on Twitter. No doubt more by the time you click over to his…