Corby Kummer

Corby Kummer's work in The Atlantic has established him as one of the most widely read, authoritative, and creative food writers in the United States. The San Francisco Examiner pronounced him "a dean among food writers in America."

Frappuccino Quantified: Starbucks to Add Calorie Counts

There are 670 calories in a venti Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino Blended Crème. The multibillion-dollar coffeehouse chain just announced that it will add calorie counts to menus, staying a step ahead of the FDA.

New Natural Neccos Now Old News

A couple of years ago, Necco brought natural flavors into its product line, but, with sales falling, the company has decided to return to its bad old ways of tinny, Day-Glo colors

That Fish Isn't What You Think It Is

Restaurant buyers who get fish on ice from dealers often have no idea that that fish was caught 40 days ago an ocean away and had been frozen until the distributor defrosted it

Body and Soul and Robotic Surgery

The Buddha-like Deepak Chopra sits down with physicist Leonard Mlodinow, and Ira Magaziner discusses his work to lower the price of AIDS drugs at The Atlantic Meets the Pacific event