Derek Thompson

Derek Thompson is a senior editor at The Atlantic, where he writes about economics, labor markets, and the entertainment business.

The Dangerous Myth of America's Ebola Panic

In reality, twice as many Americans believe in witches as are afraid of Ebola. At what point does the media's coverage of the country's "overreaction" to the virus become another overreaction?

Why Experts Reject Creativity

People think they like creativity. But teachers, scientists, and executives are biased against new ways of thinking.

In Defense of Spoilers

Psychologists have found that people like stories more after they've been "spoiled." Why?

The Fragile Dominance of the NFL

TV is a sports bundle held together by football. It could all fall apart if the league doesn't fix its image with women, who have accounted for three-quarters of its new viewership since 2009.