Derek Thompson

Derek Thompson is a senior editor at The Atlantic, where he writes about economics, labor markets, and the entertainment business.

The Shazam Effect

Record companies are tracking download and search data to predict which new songs will be hits. This has been good for business—but is it bad for music?

Quit Your Job

The surprising benefits of taking your 20s to use the labor market as a laboratory, rather than commit to the first company that happens to hire you

Forcing Americans to Save Money

Wealth inequality has spiraled out of control for two reasons—middle-class Americans aren't making enough money and they're saving virtually none of it.

It's Coming: $65 Oil

The sudden collapse in gas prices is a mix of good news (energy production is up, all over the world) and bad news (there is no good economic growth story, anywhere).

The Dangerous Myth of America's Ebola Panic

In reality, twice as many Americans believe in witches as are afraid of Ebola. At what point does the media's coverage of the country's "overreaction" to the virus become another overreaction?