Emily Richmond

Emily Richmond is the public editor for the National Education Writers Association. She was previously the education reporter for the Las Vegas Sun.

When School Boards Try to Block a Reporter's Access

To the surprise of Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Erin Richards, the local school board president has requested that the paper remove her from the education beat and replace her with someone "less biased." It's not an isolated problem.

Suspended for Not Using a Racial Slur

At a Pennsylvania high school newspaper, editors refused to print the name of the school's sports team: the Redskins. The principal was not impressed.

Should Schools Be Responsible for Kids' Health?

Educators have become the de facto enforcers of everything from nutrition standards to vaccinations and annual exams. But according to a recent poll, parents seem less than satisfied by the results.

Americans Want Teachers to Take a Bar Exam

According to a new poll, the public is increasingly in favor of more stringent certification standards. But is the federal government prepared to pay for them?

The End of Paper-and-Pencil Exams?

In a recent pilot program, kids as young as nine were asked to respond to online prompts and type out essays on a computer. 

The Forgotten School in Brown v. Board of Education

Seventy-five percent of the plaintiffs in the case were actually from Virginia's Moton High School, which remained in poor condition and was shuttered for several years after the ruling.

Building an Effective School Board

A new report finds school board members with a background in public education are not better informed than their colleagues.