Emma Green

Emma Green is an associate editor at The Atlantic, where she oversees the National Channel, manages TheAtlantic.com’s homepage, and writes about religion and culture.

Americans Say Jews Are the Coolest

Oh, how times have changed: In a new survey, respondents reported feeling more warmly toward the chosen people than those of any other faith.

Because America

The delight of hashtag patriotism on the Fourth of July  

Blame It on the Patriarchy

With cases like Hobby Lobby, nuanced, complex issues get filtered through ideological rage and gloating—which is bad for both feminism and religious liberty.

When Patients Are Counting on Miracles

An estimated 60 percent of people think divine intervention can save patients who are in a vegetative state. A new study looks at what happens when doctors and divinity seem to be competing as caregivers.

Shun the Atheist Boyfriend

A poll reveals that parents of all political persuasions are very squeamish about the prospect of a godless daughter- or son-in-law.

A Library of White-Supremacist Hand Gestures

The Anti-Defamation League has published an online catalog of the symbols, flags, and slogans used by hate groups. Is this an educational tool or a portal for perverse curiosity?