Emma Green

Emma Green is the assistant managing editor of TheAtlantic.com, where she also oversees the National Channel and writes about religion and culture.

More Americans Speak in Tongues

Congregations have reported an increase in spontaneous hand-waving, jumping, shouting, singing, and other "spiritual behavior" over the last decade and a half. Why?

And Now, the News Through Catholic Eyes

The Boston Globe has launched a separate site dedicated to coverage of the Catholic Church, betting that people want to read about the world through the lens of their religion.

Violence Among the Amish

On Wednesday, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a 2013 hate-crime conviction against 15 members of an Amish separatist group who forcibly cut the beards of others in their faith. The ruling has re-opened a question: How could this happen?

The Stationary Bike of the Soul

SoulCycle, a company that offers specialized exercise classes, is one example of how a limited set of Americans might find new expressions of spirituality. 

Burying Your Dead Without Religion

The proportion of Americans who don't identify with a specific faith is growing. What does this mean for the future of funeral rites?

The Yazidis, a People Who Fled

The religious minority is once again threatened by genocide in Iraq. What happens to a faith when it's forged in persecution?

A Twee Saint for the Internet

A marketing campaign to celebrate Ignatius of Loyola's feast day creates a remarkable intersection of pop culture, digital media, and spiritual recruitment.

Satanists Troll Hobby Lobby

How far do religious-liberty claims actually extend following the Supreme Court's ruling? 

What Makes Someone a Refugee?

Nearly seven in 10 Americans see children crossing the border as "refugees" rather than "illegal immigrants." What does that say about the moral—and political—obligation to help them?

Virginia Is for Gay Lovers

On Monday, a federal court ruled the state's same-sex-marriage ban unconstitutional—the latest to be overturned. What makes the decision in the Old Dominion different?

Americans Say Jews Are the Coolest

Oh, how times have changed: In a new survey, respondents reported feeling more warmly toward the chosen people than those of any other faith.