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The Ends of the Road


Inspired in part by the great geography game GeoGuessr, I spent some time recently in Google Maps, finding the edges of their Street View image coverage. I've always been drawn to the end of the road, to the edges of where one might be allowed to travel, whether blocked by geographic features, international borders, or simply the lack of any further road. Gathered below is a virtual visit to a few of these road ends around the world -- borders, shorelines, dead ends and overlooks from New Zealand to Svalbard, from Alaska to South Africa. [26 photos]

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At the end of the Milford Sound Highway, in Southland, New Zealand, part of Fiordland National Park. See it Mapped. (© Google, Inc.)
At the end of the Milford Sound Highway, in Southland, New Zealand, part of Fiordland National Park. See it Mapped. (© Google, Inc.)
Kaimu-Chain of Craters Road, Hawaii. Past eruptions of the Kilauea volcano have covered the road in several places. Mapped. (© Google, Inc.) #
The Southernmost point buoy in Key West, Florida. Mapped. (© Google, Inc.) #
A village at the end of the road, near Sund, Norway - Mapped. (© Google, Inc.) #
Sha Tau Kok crossing, New Territories, Hong Kong. This crossing marks the entry into the Frontier Closed Area, a tightly controlled buffer zone between Hong Kong and mainland China. Mapped. (© Google, Inc.) #
A weathered jetty on Sand Island, Midway Islands. Mapped. (© Google, Inc.) #
Melago, at the end of a valley road in South Tirol, Italy. Mapped. (© Google, Inc.) #
The southernmost point in Africa, Cape Agulhas, South Africa. Mapped. (© Google, Inc.) #
Massive sculptures of U.S. presidents, in the lot of SculpturWorx, at the end of Summer Street in Houston, Texas. Mapped. (© Google, Inc.) #
The rocks of El Arco de Cabo San Lucas, viewed between buildings in Cabo San Lucas, at the southern tip of Baja California, Mexico. Mapped. (© Google, Inc.) #
Lighthouse Road, Byron Bay, New South Wales, on Australia's easternmost shoreline. Mapped. (© Google, Inc.) #
Ocean Park, in Hong Kong's Southern District. Mapped. (© Google, Inc.) #
As far north as the van was allowed to drive in Alaska. A BP checkpoint, on Spine Road, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Construction facilities are visible in the distance at upper right. Mapped. (© Google, Inc.) #
The Buckner Building, a massive WWII-era abandoned structure in the tiny port town of Whittier, Alaska. Mapped. (© Google, Inc.) #
Lagoa Azul, part of a twin-lake complex situated in the crater of a massive volcano on the island of Sao Miguel, Azores. Mapped. (© Google, Inc.) #
Canada to the left, United States to the right, on Henderson Road, British Columbia. The road turns left just ahead, the line cut through the trees at center marks the international border. Mapped. (© Google, Inc.) #
A CBC News camera operator at work on the U.S.-Canada border. Gladwyn Road, in British Columbia, dead-ends at the border, the trees in the background are on U.S. soil. Mapped. (© Google, Inc.) #
Kun Iam Temple, Coloane, on a hilltop in Macau. Mapped. (© Google, Inc.) #
A bust of Vladimir Lenin in Pyramiden, a former Soviet-run coal mining facility, now abandoned in Svalbard. Mapped. (© Google, Inc.) #
One of the easternmost points along Brazil's Atlantic shoreline (at least as far as Google's Street View team have covered), Avenida Beira Mar, in the town of Paulista. Mapped. (© Google, Inc.) #
The northermost point in Thailand, along the Mae Sai River. Burma lies across the river. Mapped. (© Google, Inc.) #
A view of the Chilkat Range, across Lynn Canal from the borough of Juneau, Alaska, about as far north of the city as one can drive. The capital city has a small road system, but is not connected to any outside roads -- the only way in or out is by air or by sea. Mapped. (© Google, Inc.) #
Ubehebe Crater, a volcanic crater in Death Valley National Park, California. Mapped. (© Google, Inc.) #
Southland, New Zealand, about as far south as one can go on South Island. Mapped. (© Google, Inc.) #
Nordkaphallen, a visitor center at the northernmost tip of Europe, in northern Norway. Mapped. (© Google, Inc.) #
A Google Maps Street View car, photographed at the end of Navy Road, north of Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada. Mapped. (© Google, Inc.) #

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