Joe Pinsker

Joe Pinsker is an assistant editor at The Atlantic. He has written for Rolling StoneForbes, and Salon.

A Cultural History of the Baseball Card

Over 100 years, small images of athletes went from tobacco companies' marketing materials to overhyped investments favored by nostalgic grown men. Now, they're worth virtually nothing.

Why Lefties Make Less

They've been subtly discriminated against since biblical times, but modern data suggests a significant gap in earnings.

The Man Who Kept Trader Joe's Whimsical

As the West Coast chain expanded eastward in the ‘90s, former CEO John Shields—who died recently at the age of 82—sent out a cohort of upbeat Californians as cultural emissaries.

Does Inequality Cause Crime?

New research suggests that what matters isn't disparity itself, but whether people are flaunting their riches.