Julie Beck

Julie Beck is a senior associate editor at The Atlantic, where she oversees the Health Channel.

How Colors Smell

“Fruity” smells red, and other associations from a new study

The Size of a Healthy Baby

A new study shows that newborns who have affluent, well-nourished moms all start out life at a similar height, regardless of their ethnic background or the country they live in.

How Face Wash Pollutes Water

Illinois recently passed a law banning plastic microbeads, often found in soap, which can slip through treatment plants and end up in waterways.

Schrödinger's Cigarette: Is Electronic Safer?

Tobacco companies want to provide smokers with the "reduced-risk" products they desire. But until there's been more time to do research, using e-cigarettes can't be considered a safe choice.

Funny or Die

How your sense of humor can improve your health, get you pregnant, and even save your life

Why Airplane Food Is So Bad

A reduced sense of taste in the air makes meals less enjoyable, and innovation is wanting as food has been phased out as an essential part of the airline experience.