Matthew Cooper

Matthew Cooper is a managing editor (White House) for National Journal.

Why Obama Won't Fire Kathleen Sebelius

The president has a personal connection to his HHS secretary. Besides, he doesn't like chastising cabinet members—and probably couldn't replace her anyway.

Why Obama's March on Washington Failed

Living up to the great milestones of the past is often difficult, but the week of festivities was marked by the many, poignant missed opportunities.

What's the Matter With MSNBC?

Presenting three theories: the Liberal Hangover Problem, the Zimmerman Problem, and the Predictable Primetime Problem

What Happened to Eric Holder?

He was a Reagan-appointed judge and a Clinton-appointed prosecutor respected by both sides. Then it all fell apart.

Is Paul Ryan Really a Fiscal Hawk?

The GOP vice presidential nominee voted for deficit-expanding policies like Medicare Part D, the Bush tax cuts, and TARP.

John Roberts, Moderate Hero?

Don't expect the Chief Justice to emerge as a stealth liberal. The health-care decision shows he's really a pragmatist.

The Graying of the President

In the event he were elected, Newt Gingrich would be as old as Ronald Reagan was when he took office.

Our Downcast President

After running on hope, the president has given up his optimistic rhetoric, acknowledging a dismal economy and difficult politics