Matt Schiavenza

Matt Schiavenza is a former associate editor at The Atlantic

China's Forgotten Liberal Hero

Hu Yaobang, whose death 25 years ago triggered the Tiananmen Square protests, served China in an era of unprecedented openness. 

A Jittery China Faces 2014

Crises face the country as it celebrates the new year. But the economic miracle shows no signs of ending.

The American Who Gave His Life to Chairman Mao

On the dictator's 120th birthday, Sidney Rittenberg—whose life story entwines with the turbulent history of the People's Republic—describes his interactions with the man who still dominates China 37 years after his death.

A Chinese President Consolidates His Power

China's Third Plenum meeting, which led to a raft of policy reforms, may ultimately be remembered for Xi Jinping's emergence as the country's most important leader in decades.