Matt Schiavenza

Matt Schiavenza is a contributing writer for The Atlantic. He is a former global-affairs writer for the International Business Times and Atlantic senior associate editor.

The NFL's Indentured Servants

At the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' stadium, employees forfeited their wages to a local shelter in exchange for room and board, according to a new report.

How Budweiser Lost Millennials

The mass-market brewer wants to regain popularity with younger people. But will a new ad campaign be enough?

Ugh of War With Julian Assange

A Swedish court upheld its arrest warrant for the Wikileaks founder, two years after his self-imposed incarceration. How long can this stalemate go on?

Evicting Hong Kong's Pro-Democracy Protests

The territory's government announced Monday that they were ready to start clearing encampments, but no long-term solution to the political crisis is in reach.