Michael Hirsh

Michael Hirsh is chief correspondent for National Journal.

The GOP's Foreign-Policy Problem

After the crisis in Ukraine, international affairs could play a big role in 2016—to the Republicans' disadvantage.

How Janet Yellen Can Save the Economy

The nominee to lead the Federal Reserve is an old-school progressive economist with two guiding passions: reducing unemployment and reining in Wall Street.

The Next Bin Laden

Al-Qaeda's new mastermind favors small, opportunistic strikes over spectacular attacks. Are we scaling back the NSA at the very moment we need it most?

Is Kerry a Better Secretary of State Than Clinton?

In the last two months, he has reopened talks between the Israelis and Palestinians, negotiated a chemical weapons ban in Syria, found common ground with Russia, and met in a historic sit-down with Iran's foreign minister.

The Syria Deal That Could Have Been

Last year, the UN envoy had carved a path for a government "transition." But the White House and Hillary Clinton rejected it.