Molly Ball

Molly Ball is a staff writer covering national politics at The Atlantic.

What Will the GOP Senate Be Like?

Republicans promise that if they seize the majority, they'll stop Obama—and stop the Washington gridlock. Can they really do both?

Charlie Crist's Fan: A Love Story

His opponents have laughed at it for years, but at Wednesday's gubernatorial debate, the Florida pol's favorite accessory stole the show.

The Mystery Candidate Shaking Up Kansas Politics

Independent Greg Orman's pitch for bipartisanship has come out of nowhere to threaten Republican Pat Roberts's reelection—and the balance of power in the Senate. Is he for real?

Obama's Long Immigration Betrayal

To understand why activists are so angry at the president, you have to understand how close they've come—and how long they've waited.

Ted Cruz for President?

Conservatives are literally praying that the Texas senator will be the 2016 nominee. The rest of the Republican Party isn't so sure.

Why Rand Paul Loves Foreign-Policy Fights

Arguing over military intervention with his fellow Republicans is an ideal platform for the libertarian senator's most popular, and disruptive, ideas.