Molly Ball

Molly Ball is a staff writer covering national politics at The Atlantic.

Why Rand Paul Loves Foreign-Policy Fights

Arguing over military intervention with his fellow Republicans is an ideal platform for the libertarian senator's most popular, and disruptive, ideas.

The Rise of the Fusion Republicans

In primaries across the country, the war between the GOP establishment and the Tea Party ended not in a surrender but a truce. But are the candidates too conservative to win?

The Tea Party Blew It

National conservatives came up short Tuesday in Mississippi and Oklahoma. Maybe the Republican base just isn't as angry as they thought.

Why Eric Cantor Lost and Lindsey Graham Won

The lessons Republicans will take from Tuesday night—that immigration reform is toxic and the Tea Party is formidable—aren't the ones they should take.

Is This the End of the GOP Civil War?

Establishment favorite Thom Tillis easily defeated the Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee factions of the Republican Party in North Carolina, showing how Tea Party fortunes have changed.