Olga Khazan

Olga Khazan is a staff writer at The Atlantic, where she covers health.

How Birth Season Affects Personality

A new study finds that people born in summer are more prone to mood swings, while those born in winter tend to be less irritable.

Inside the New School Lunch

Beef-loving Nebraskan kids are warming to veggie burgers and carrot sticks. Can the rest of the nation follow?

The Divorce-Proof Marriage

Your income, how long you dated, and how many people attend your wedding affect the odds you'll stay together.

Dating Is a Numbers Game

Sam Yagan, CEO of Match and a founder of OkCupid, explains the proliferation of dating sites and why he thinks everyone should be looking for love online.

Trusting Your Doctor to Stop Ebola

A surprising amount of support for Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, which made at least one major error in the handling of its Ebola case, reveals why we trust medical institutions so much.

The Incredible Rubber Glove

Basic protective gear was revolutionary for 19th-century medicine, and health workers trying to stop Ebola are recognizing its importance all over again.