Shane Goldmacher

Shane Goldmacher is a congressional correspondent for National Journal.

Rand Paul's Jewish Outreach

Pro-Israel conservatives are skeptical of the senator's foreign-policy views. He might not be able to win them over, but he might be able to soften their opposition.

This Man Is the Future of Super PACs

California winemaker John Jordan started out giving money to Karl Rove and other political professionals. But now he's taking matters into his own hands.

D.C.'s Women Leaders: Yep, Earning Way Less Than Men

At the capital's top trade associations, professional societies, think tanks, labor unions, and public-interest groups, men overwhelmingly hold more of the top jobs—and they're better paid for their efforts.

Why Would Anyone Ever Want to Run for Congress?

How Democratic and Republican officials cajole potential candidates into signing on for constant stress, ceaseless fundraising, and the danger of losing your job every two years